Welcome Waggers History (continued)

During the first few years, some of the original members were not able to continue on a regular basis, and the membership waxed and waned for several years with our members numbering only 4 people at one time.  After visiting just two facilities a month, Camlu Retirement Apartments and Heart of the Valley Nursing Home in Corvallis, for the first year or two, Welcome Waggers gradually added more facilities as its membership grew.


Karen O'Donnell was our coordinator for the first year until she could no longer continue because of conflicts with school and work.  Carol Challis assumed the job after that, and continued as coordinator until November, 2007. Wendy McCoy took over the role and is the current Welcome Waggers Coordinator.



Carol Challis produced a monthly Welcome Waggers Newsletter until 2007.  It began as just a short reminder notice for the few original members, and progressed to several pages, being produced and printed from a PC, and mailed via USPS.  Later, after most members had access to email, sending newsletters electronically facilitated that job. (Past issues can be made available for any Welcome Wagger members who want to read them.) In 2000, Julie Flanery became the owner/moderator of a new Welcome Waggers Yahoo email list.  This facilitated communication among its members.  Joel Hackett took over as owner/moderator in 2007 and maintains a monthly calendar (prepared by Jacque Barrington) and reminders of visits on the site. A web page was launched in 2012 and continues to be developed by Mike Unsworth. 

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